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1st time...
   So I suppose that since I'm going to start using this damned thing I might as well start posting some updates and telling a bit more about mah self. To start off since my lazy butt sits on this machine all day long you might assume that I play some online games, you'd be right. I've been stuck in the WoW craze for a little over 2 years now, I started off a mage in Burning Crusade, through WOLTK, and have done 7/9 hard modes and some regular ToC. A few months ago I re-rolled to my horde priest and have done that + first 3 in heroic ToC. I'm sure some of you know what all of this is :P
   At anyrate I hope some of you know that Aion has come out recently, about a week ago now. I'm going to give that game a try, I was in the open beta for 3 days ( I missed all the fun T.T) thankfully having done some of those quests and what not I leveled fast...up till now, my lvl 24 cleric is stuck...there's almost no quests and I hate this zone, I'll be sure to post some more screen shots in my photobucket later and post that up.
   Now that the video game talk is done I suppose that I should add a few things as far as personal interests go, I can't figure this stupid thing out so I don't know how to post it onto my profile. I <3 movies, I like to try and draw :P, I'm taking German 1 over again this year so when I go to German 2 I can breeze through it, going to get that rosetta stone crap after I get out of high school, usually when I'm alone I have the uncontrollable feeling to sing, my family has caught me singing and says with voice lessons I could be pretty good....but I know I suck so meh.
I plan to take a year off before I go to college, I know that people say when you do that you don't want to go back and that might be the case but we won't have the money to pay for the college I want, I might be able to get online courses over this year but thats the best I can do till I get money. It's over 8,000 dollars for out of state since it's in Florida only, it's somewhat of an entertainment bussiness school, and since I'm taking alot of graphic design classes I might do that, but another option is just a good art school, as far as jobs go graphic design or concept art is something I want to do.

Thats all I can really think of at the moment, I typed this in a rush since I have to go to school in like 20 minutes, all I can say is I hope someone actually reads this o.O....tschuss!


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